Purchase a Home From Overseas

While living overseas we received a 60 day notice for our rental property from the tenant. Not long after the notice we chose the option to sell the property. After spending some time on the internet my wife found the perfect realtor. Zillow was one of the website she used to get access of sales  and listings in the past months and was able to pick the realtor with the most sales in the area. After contacting Jamie Moorman we decided to list with her and were highly impressed how she kept us well informed while the tenant was still at the property and after move out. Since we weren’t able to be there physically we completely relied on Jamie’s judgement. Her assistant was also very responsive. After a few days of vacancy we received a offer and accepted! Throughout the home inspection till the final closing Jamie and Shari were giving us updates on the repairs and checking on the final steps the property manager needed to accomplish. Jamie Moorman and her team were there all the way, her team was giving us piece of mind and while living overseas reducing the stress level of selling our property! We highly recommend The Jamie Moorman Team!