The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shelter-in-place order for Georgians, meaning many businesses and churches are temporarily closed.  That did not stop Harvest Church from finding  way to bring unity to the community while still practicing social distancing.

On March 31st, Harvest Church stated the “Faith Over Fear Crosses in Middle GA” facebook group.  Members of the group were encouraged to place a lighted cross in their yards to being hope and assurance that faith is always stronger than fear.  Since then, the group has grown to over 15,000 members.  Members share their photos of their crosses with others, and many also donate crosses to others in the community who don’t have access to the supplies required to make them.  

The Houston County community has always come together in times of uncertainty, and these crosses are another example of this.  So be sure to get out of your home to take a walk around your neigborhood to see all of the beautiful crosses on display throughout Central Georgia!